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AI Single Post User Guide

The AI Single Post User Guide is divided into two parts. The first part is a standalone post page completely separate from the default WordPress post page. The second part involves directly integrating utility buttons into the default WordPress post page. The interface is relatively simple yet provides a plethora of utilities. Explore the AI Single Post User Guide now.

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AI Single Post is a feature-packed tool within the AI Auto Tool plugin, offering comprehensive support and various posting utilities for users. It leverages two of the most popular AI models today - Gemini Pro (Bard) and ChatGPT 3.5. This feature supports users with functionalities such as SEO-optimized title suggestions and SEO article writing based on the chosen AI model, giving users the flexibility to select between Gemini Pro and ChatGPT 3.5. The plugin standardizes the creation of article prompts, making it accessible even for users unfamiliar with prompts. For advanced requirements, users can employ the Chat Assistant function to personalize customer prompts.

Key Features:

  1. SEO Optimization:

    • AI Single Post assists in generating SEO-optimized article titles.

    • It aids in crafting SEO-friendly articles based on the chosen AI model (Gemini Pro or ChatGPT 3.5).

  2. Prompt Standardization:

    • The plugin normalizes article prompts from the start, enabling users without prompt knowledge to utilize the tool.

  3. Chat Assistant Function:

    • Users can utilize Chat Assistant for personalized customer prompts based on individual preferences.

  4. Integrated Editor Tools:

    • Image search based on keywords directly from the internet.

    • Quick generation of short descriptions for highlighted text.

    • Content rewriting in various styles - short, long, and professional.

  5. Dedicated User Interface:

    • AI Single Post comes with its own user-friendly posting interface.

  6. Direct Integration with WP Editor:

    • Seamlessly integrated into the WordPress article editor for enhanced convenience.

User Guide:

  1. Title Suggestions:

    • Click on the title suggestion tool to get SEO-optimized title ideas for your article.

  2. SEO Article Writing:

    • Choose your preferred AI model (Gemini Pro or ChatGPT 3.5) and let AI Single Post assist in crafting SEO-friendly content.

  3. Standardized Prompts:

    • The plugin simplifies prompt creation for users unfamiliar with the concept.

  4. Chat Assistant Customization:

    • Explore advanced customization options using Chat Assistant for tailored prompts.

  5. Integrated Editor Tools:

    • Access image search, short description generation, and content rewriting directly from the WP editor.

  6. Dedicated UI:

    • Familiarize yourself with the dedicated posting interface for AI Single Post.

  7. WP Editor Integration:

    • Experience the convenience of using AI Single Post directly within the WordPress article editor.

Advantages of AI Single Post:

  1. Efficiency:

    • Streamline your content creation process with AI-powered tools.

  2. SEO Enhancement:

    • Improve your articles' search engine visibility with SEO-optimized titles and content.

  3. User-Friendly:

    • The standardized prompts and intuitive interface make it accessible for all users.

  4. Versatility:

    • Tailor your content creation experience with a choice between Gemini Pro and ChatGPT 3.5.

  5. Integration:

    • Seamless integration into the WordPress editor for a smooth workflow.


  1. Q: How do I get title suggestions for my article?

    • A: Click on the title suggestion tool within AI Single Post.

  2. Q: Can I use both Gemini Pro and ChatGPT 3.5 for article creation?

    • A: Yes, choose your preferred AI model in the AI Single Post settings.

  3. Q: Is prompt creation necessary?

    • A: No, the plugin standardizes prompts for easy use, but advanced users can customize with Chat Assistant.

  4. Q: How do I integrate AI Single Post into the WP editor?

    • A: AI Single Post is directly integrated into the WordPress article editor.

  5. Q: Can I rewrite content in different styles?

    • A: Yes, AI Single Post offers options for short, long, and professional content rewriting.

  6. Q: What is the Chat Assistant function for?

    • A: Chat Assistant allows users to create personalized prompts for advanced customization.

  7. Q: How do I search for images based on keywords?

    • A: Use the image search tool within the integrated editor tools.

  8. Q: Is AI Single Post suitable for users with no prompt knowledge?

    • A: Yes, the plugin standardizes prompts for easy use.

  9. Q: Can I use AI Single Post for non-SEO content?

    • A: Yes, AI Single Post is versatile and can be used for various content creation needs.

  10. Q: Does AI Single Post support languages other than English?

    • A: Yes, AI Single Post supports multiple languages for content creation

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